Zync - User Management

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About Zync:

Using Zync will allow your users to Create there own Account or Log-in whenever there requested to do so, this is all done through the power of you. There’s a simple code which can be added to any page you wish. If the user’s not logged in they will be redirected to any page you choose, default is http://example.com/account/index.php.


  • Login
  • Signup
  • Avatar Upload
  • Activation email
  • Recover email
  • jQuery Validation
  • User meta for more options
  • Send emails with server email (noreply@yourdomain.com only email required)
  • Gmail integration for emails(Add your own Gmail account. Email and Password required)
  • Admin Panel for user managemet system
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google Authentication
  • Documentation is included.