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If you are like the rest of the online community, you likely have a bunch of social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and even Linkedin. Managing all of those profiles links and sharing has become a real hassle especially since it seems like a new social platform launches like every other day. PROFILEM is a social vcard website offering the most exclusive and innovative way to link all of your social profiles into one place and share a single URL with your friends and associates instead of separate URL’s. Watch Our Concept here: PROFILEM is a social profile platform like About Page that includes
  • Profile Picture – By Default the Profile Picture is set from Gravatar or Input your Facebook username to set as Facebook profile picture.

  • Profile Link – Users will get simple and unique profile URL depending upon the username e.g.

  • Account Status USER / VERIFIED – We have two account status where users with by default registration will get USER status and if the user add his official email and website that matches, then through a verification link, the profile status will be updated as VERIFIED.

  • Basic Information :Add the details Designation, Company Name, Official Website, State and Country

  • Social Profiles:Add Social Profile links to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, BBM Pin

  • vCARD:Users can download vcard of the any User that includes Profile Picture, Name, Designation, Country, Profile URL and import into your Google account, Microsoft Outlook, Apple address book and many more.

  • About Me:Users can add the about section

  • Featured Links:Add your external links with Date and Title that will showcase your profile for the following

  • Achievement – Award
    Article – Author (e.g. Books, Whitepapers )
    Videos (e.g. Youtube, Vimeo )
    Photos (e.g. Flickr, Picasa)
  • Status Updates:Update your status, @username mentions, Report updates

  • Connections:Connected and Shared Users

  • Connected:When you connect to another user profile

  • Shared:When another user connects to your profile.

  • Messages:Compose, Inbox and Sent

  • Users can send and recieve private messages.

  • Security :When a user changes the password then if the Login Notifications are enabled, an automated email will be send to the user to check if someone else changed the password. If this is an unauthorized password change, then user can click the link in the email and instantly recover the account.

  • Search :Search users with Name, Username, Country

  • Last Login:Shows you the information about your Last Login IP Address where you have accessed your profile.

  • Share Now:Share your profile on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

  • The Administration panel includes the following options
  • Basic Setting will allow to add Title, Logo, Social Logo, keywords, description, about, terms and conditions, status update limits, email notifications on registration and block keywords.

  • Social Settings :Add your Google Plus Publisher account, Facebook Page, Facebook App ID, Twitter Page.

  • Stats :Add Alexa code, Alexa Verify ID and Google Analytics code.

  • Ads :Place your Ads 300×250 format

  • Manager Users:View the List of users and ability to remove the users.

  • Report:Check reported status updates and remove it.

  • Sitemap Enabled

  • Login Details

    User Login: (Directly Click Login) Admin Login: (Directly Click Login) Demo User Profile:

    Test Rich Snippets:

    Update v1.1

    29.07.2014 - v1.1 - Connect User - Issue Fixed - Username and Email availability check in signup - Issue Fixed - Mentions - Reply - Issue Fixed - New: Added Sitemap ( - New: Added Logo preview and path in the Admin Dashboard - New: Added Pagination to User Connected and User Shared - Other small fixes and improvements