x_Inventory-Php,MySql,Codeigniter Inventory System

What is x_Inventory x_Inventory is the web based inventory management & Distribution System based on PHP/MYSQL/ CODEIGNITER is the monitoring and maintenance of a business’ inventory levels using online software. Moving away from the errors and issues that arise with traditional methods of measuring stock levels, web based inventory management seamlessly keeps track of inventory coming in and going out of your business. Web based inventory management with x_Inventory full controlling functions are efficient and effective, allowing you to manage inventory on the go and eliminate the stock errors that give you a headache. This software is very helpful to Successful Business Managers to significant other for smooth operations. And also Freelancers who want to develop fully functional web based Inventory Management System by using latest technologies & Programming languages & Framework (PHP/MYSQL/CODEIGNITER) Key Features Mater Files http://x_inventory.artifectx.com/screenshots/master.jpg ? Region o Main Region, Sub Region ? Sales Ref ? Person ? Area ? Route ? Supplier ? Customer o Enter/Edit, Import (From CSV file – Ex: m_customer.csv) ? Department ? Stores ? Category o Main Category, Sub Category ? Units ? Items o Add/Edit, Import (From CSV file-m_items.csv) Transaction Files http://x_inventory.artifectx.com/screenshots/transaction.jpg ? Opening Stock ? Purchase Order ? Dispatch Note ? Dispatch Return ? Supplier o Purchase, Purchase Return, Supplier Voucher ? Customer o Sales – Cash, Credit, Advance Refund o Sales Return o Customer Receipt ? Posting ? Stock Adjustment ? Damages and Free Issues ? Price Change Bulk Report Files http://x_inventory.artifectx.com/screenshots/report.jpg ? Sales Analyze ? Item List / Price List ? Stock o Stock Report(Valuation), Stock Report(Verification), Stock in Hand ? Supplier o Supplier List, Purchase, Purchase Return, Supplier Balance, Age Analyze, Supplier History. ? Customer o Customer List, Sales, Sales Advance, Advance Refund, Advance Settlement, Sales Return, Customer Balance, Customer Outstanding System Files http://x_inventory.artifectx.com/screenshots/system.jpg ? Company ? Branches ? Users ? Module ? User Role ? Add Role ? Backup Other Features Popup windows Automatic searching features Nice tab and tables Multiple user login and user roles management pdf and html reports http://x_inventory.artifectx.com/screenshots/reports.jpg http://x_inventory.artifectx.com/screenshots/popup.jpg http://x_inventory.artifectx.com/screenshots/forms.jpg See the demo site here Site demo http://x_inventory.artifectx.com/index.php Supper Admin user name – admin password – admin User user name – user1 password – 123 Thanks and Credits Js autoNumeric – v 1.6.2 – Bob Knothe -http://www.decorplanit.com/plugin/ jQuery v1.7.1 – jquery.com jQuery UI 1.8.5 – http://jqueryui.com/about jquery.tablescroll – Dimas Begunoff, http://www.farinspace.com jQuery Form Plugin – v 2.84 – http://malsup.com/jquery/form/ jQuery timepicker – v 0.9.9 – Trent Richardson, http://trentrichardson.com jQuery Autocomplete plugin 1.1 – Jörn Zaefferer