TVShows Portal Script

TV Show’s Portal Script

TV Show’s Portal is a script to organize tv series using the api, TV Show’s Portal organize series by seasons and chapters, the script manage his own feedback system using allowing to interact with visitors through comments and reply when necessary, when an user search for his favorite series the script will shows results according the search terms in different languages when available.
This script is developed for fast and easy website implementation working even in low hardware servers. Whoever acquire this script can create his own website of tv series in a matter of minutes without the need of any advance knowledge of PHP.
TV Show’s Portal was developed using codeigniter and bootstrap 3.0 which allows administrator to escalate the application as his desire using this frameworks.


  • No database is required.
  • Codeigniter (Frameworks allows application scaling).
  • Bootstrap 3.0 (Allows fast and smooth adaptation to any resolution).
  • Multilanguage support in the series description..
  • Automatic trailers search using Youtube.
  • FanArt, Poster, Actors, Avatars, Banners
  • Feedback system using
  • Series, season and chapters synopsis.
  • Independent design for each series.
  • Facebook friendly (Share images and description fast and easy).
  • SEO Friendly URL’S.
  • Optimized Page Cache.
  • Requeriments

  • Operating System : Linux
  • Web Server : Apache
  • PHP Version: 5.4 or Higher
  • PHP allow_url_fopen ON
  • PHP CURL Enabled
  • PHP mod_rewrite Enabled
  • Video Demo



    Version 1.0

  • Initial Release
  • Version 1.1

  • Minor Bug Fixed
  • Added Tabs Fanart
  • Optimized Overall Script and Design
  • Version 1.2

  • Safety Improvements
  • Version 1.3

  • Add links last searches for seo (Google Index)
  • Minor Bug Fixed