TopApp Pro - "Mobile Site & App Builder" CMS

With TopApp Pro the “Mobile Site & App builder” CMS you can easily create an custom made Mobile Application without writing any code at all. You can easily configure everthing (colors, design, animations, pages, plugins etc) from the Admin Backend. The Mobile App can be used as mobile version of anyones website or as an Campaign App downloadable in the App Store. Working on iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets , Windows Phone, BlackBerry + more. No need of database and super easy to install.
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View our summery demo here!
Visit our playlist on YOUTUBE for demos and tutorials.
Take it for a spin?
You can try our demo from a PC by clicking link below or use your mobile and scan the QR-Code. The Mobile App is made for mobile phones and tablets so it is best viewed using your mobile. Using a PC work best with Safari or Chrome (don’t use Firefox).
Test Drive PC:
Click this link >>>
Mobile Test Drive (scan below QR):
Multi Device
Server-side optimized for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry + more
Load Content on Start Up!
Before user can browse your Mobile APP it first loads all the content within it. That make it fast and it feels very smooth navigating throw it.
Splash Screen
Upload image of your choice to be used as a Splash Screen during the Mobile App is loading.
When a user visiting your Mobile APP they will be asked to save it to their mobiles home screen. Choose icon to be shown on the users “Home Screen” if not it will take an screen dump of the mobile apps page (iPhone).
Full Screen Mode
When saved as a bookmark to the user mobile home screen it will be opened without the web browser and in full screen exactly as an Native APP downloaded from Appstore (iPhone).
Super Easy Installation
No database connections needed. Just upload it to the server. Use your web browser go to install page and choose your password and login. Thats it, you are now ready to start creating and designing your mobile application.
Costumize Everything
Costumize everything inside your Mobile App within minutes using our pre-build back-end system CMS or use your own programing skills and CSS knowledge by accessing the files.
Costum Loggo
You can display your custom logo, title or both of them on your mobile app.
Color Schemes
Comes with a pre-defined designed color scheme. You can change this any way you want easily in the back-end so it fit your or your client needs
Page Animations
Add up to eight different page animation, chose speed and direction (left, right, up or down).
Flexible Modules
You can add Modules per view or content page, easily.
Gallery Module
Impressive finger slider gallery, add a portfolio to show your work or products.
Menu Module
The menu module enable you to to create a list and link your pages to it.
YouTube – Gallery Module
Add YouTube videos that displays in “Full Screen View” inside your mobile app. Just add video id of the videos you want to include in the gallery – very easy!
Mobile Redirect Script
If using the Mobile Application as an mobile friendly version of your website it automatically generate an redirecting script for you to use on your regular website.
Appstore Submission
Can be linked into an Hybrid Application and uploaded to Appstore for your clients to download it like an Native App. If you need help with that we will be more than glad to offer our services.
Offline Mode
Your Mobile App can run in offline mode with some small adjustments.
And More
There are more functions not explain here, we recommend trying our demo, to find out more.
More functionality is always a goal for us likewise developing TOPAPP to always works on all the new devices added to the market.
If you have any suggestions, please visit our forum and let us know how we can be better. For pre-sale questions contact us with an E-mail.