Tickets Plugin: Live Chat

This is a plugin for Tickets. Please ensure you have purchased and installed the latest version of Tickets before using this plugin.

Live Chat

This plugin extends Tickets with a Live Chat system. Features include:
  • + Easily add support to your existing website.
  • + Multiple operators can join in on the chat.
  • + Uses existing Tickets authentication system for operators.
  • + Supports IE8+, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
  • + Audio notification for operators and clients.
  • + Operators can end chat sessions.
  • + Unbranded client front end.
  • + Easily enable/disable chat.
  • + Old chat sessions are automatically closed after 48 hours.
  • This plugin is easy to install into an existing copy of Tickets. Simply upload the folder and enable from the Plugins page. Requires Tickets 4.5+ or higher already installed. Once installed a block of HTML code will need to be added to your website to enable the client front end, this is included in the zip as well as an example website showing you exactly what is required.

    Online Demo

  • URL:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: 1234
  • Client
  • URL:
  • The Admin login takes you to a full copy of tickets. Sometimes the LiveChat plugin might get disabled, ensure it is enabled from Settings -> Plugins first otherwise both Admin & Client demos will not function. When testing we recommend using a one browser for the operator and one for the client (so that session data isn’t shared).