Tequila - File Hosting Script


Tequila is a solid, safe, fast, simple and intuitive script which allows companies or individuals to upload, manage and share their files online. It is studied in every feature and was produced with attention to every detail.


APICreate your own application that connect directly to Tequila data via the API.
    SpeedTequila has a very simple code which makes it very lightweight and fast.
CodeAll code is commented and easy to read and edit.
    InstallationThanks to the installation wizard, you can install the sistem in 2 minutes.
User FunctionsEach user can change their profile picture, make changes their account, display the space available
    ResponsiveThis system is fully responsive and adaptable to all browsers.
Multilanguage You can choose whether to use English, French or Italian as a language.
    User RolesAdministrator, User and Guests access roles. The admin manages users, settings and stats.
Administrator The administrator can sending welcome email, control the system and set limitations for each user.
    Functions A user can create folders, upload, copy, move, delete, search, rename, share, download, download zip, display files.
Media Viewer Music Preview, Video Preview, HTML viewer, TXT viewer and Images viewer.
    SecureSafety is ensured by a system of double creation of id for each file.
Optional Registration The admin can decide for permission to register or not.
    Login&Sign Up Secure login & sign up with a password recovery and external and secure processes.
User ManagementAdministrators able create and manage users. Set size limit upload for each user and disk usage quota for each user.
    File HandlingFiles renamed when stored for security reason. Original filename restored while dowloading. You can download the files and entire folders as a zip.
Views You can check out the views from your files.
    Maximum File Upload SizeThe admin can limit the size of uploaded files.
Share Files with PasswordEach user can share files with password.
    MailerThere is an internal system for sending email.
UploadYou can upload multiple files at once and you can use the drag & drop.
    Automatic UpdatesWhen there is a system update, everything will be automatic.
Image ThumbnailerGenerating thumbnails for uploaded images, and to reduce the space and size of the page.
    Professional Dedicated SupportThe script provides a dedicated support, quick and satisfying that helps you in every difficulty.


You need a simple PHP server that reads and has a MySQL database. We suggest the TMD Hosting solution, which costs only $2.85/mo and offers you everything you need.

Professional Dedicated Support

The script provides a dedicated support, quick and satisfying that helps you in every difficulty. If you need, please send an email to themedema@otulook.it. We will respond as soon as possible.


Consider the fact that in the demo all functions are blocked. Despite showing a positive message, all functions are disabled.


V1.1 - 27/05/2014 - FURGER - NEW: API - NEW: Optional Registration V1.1.1 - 20/06/2014 - ARTIMA - UPDATE: Improved Administration Panel - UPDATE: Improved safety V1.1.2 - 26/06/2014 - NAIMA - NEW: Share Files with Password - UPDATE: Improved responsive V1.1.3 - 7/06/2014 - MONICA - NEW: Automatic Updates - NEW: Maximum File Upload Size V1.1.7 - 18/06/2014 - COLOURS - UPDATE: Color Scheme. - UPDATE: Improved safety. - UPDATE: Improved the installation process. - NEW: Spanish translation (BETA).