Store Management

This is a powerful store management software. The store owner (admin) adds the salesperson accounts (users) and the products which are sold here. The salesperson will add new customers, sales and select the sales for a customer and generate invoices. The admin can see total sales, invoices, expenses, incomes and the total profit. And more… Please look at the features:

User Account

  • View his sales and the total he sold
  • Add, edit customers
  • Add sales
  • Generate invoices (Each invoice has unique code, you can find the this invoice’s data by searching with this code)
  • View all items for selling
  • Search for existing invoices (by invoice number)
  • ...
  • Admin

  • Create, edit, lock/unlock user accounts
  • See total sales, total expenses, incomes and profit
  • See total sales and profit made by each user
  • See total purchases and profit by each customer
  • Add new products, edit and stop selling a product
  • See all generated incomes for a customer or for all customers
  • Responsive admin dashboard
  • ...
  • Ajax interface
  • Easy installation – enter database and admin account data and click “Install”
  • Easy to use
  • Secure System
  • ...
  • Please visit the online demo

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