Store Handler - Small Business Software

Small business software that includes billing, accounting, inventory, reports at single place. Easy to use & easy to install desktop & offline application available. For desktop application you can give license to your users while in desktop application, you can set validity to your users. You can check the demo at Demo Username: demoversion Demo Password: demoversion
  • Easy to operate It is designed in such a way that no more technical knowledge required to operate the application.
  • No dependency This browser based application just require the server to be switched on. Can run on any latest browser.
  • Online/Offline Version It is available in both the modes. The offline version can also run on multiple system by LAN connection.
  • Customizable Reports We will design and develop the reports as per your required at no cost.
  • Schedule your meetings, calls, reminders
  • Manage multiple companies
  • Manage Cash & Bank accounts
  • Customer & Supplier details
  • Keep track of your stock items
  • Sale, Purchase, Payment at one click
  • Income, Expense records
  • One click back & restore option for offline version
  • Send SMS to customers,suppliers
  • Users can login at different level. You can also take print out of all your reports. To check the website go to