Statistical Map SVG

StatMapSVG is a jQuery plugin to display statistical data in the form of a map such as the number of people in each area, the location and distribution of data, grouping data based on the value of a specified interval, and others. StatMapSVG takes map files in SVG format and makes them interactive. You can use StatMapSVG for country maps, province maps, city maps, floor plans and others.


  • Additional information for each region with a legend
  • Classify region using group color
  • Color customization for filling, stroke, hovering area, selected area
  • Tooltip with customization stuffing
  • Zoom and pan the map (zoom by mouswheel or button, click & hold mouse button to pan)
  • Responsive maps – it auto adjusts its size for small screens. Try to resize browser’s window
  • Print or export maps to image files (png, jpeg, bmp)
  • Set custom onClick, mouseOver, mouseOut, mouseMove event handlers for all region or spesific region.
  • Multiple plugin instances: allows to use multiple plugin instances on the same webpage.
  • Demo

  • Demo 01 – Coloring Map Areas
  • Demo 02 – Define Data Value Then Show It To Map Legend
  • Demo 03 – Grouping Color And Show Group Legend
  • Demo 04 – Add Mouse Click Event To An Area – Please Click On The Green Area, Not At The Legend
  • Demo 05 – Show Two Or More Maps In One Page
  • Demo 06 – Change Map With Combo Box
  • Demo 07 – Change Map On Mouse Click Event – Please Click On The Green Area Below
  • Demo 08 – Using ServicesJSON PHP Class Module
  • Demo 09 – AJAX