Sitemap Generator Pro: Add-on for SEO Studio

This is an add-on for SEO Studio versions 3.0 and higher. Don’t purchase this unless you have SEO Studio! The default sitemap generator for SEO Studio is basic. It stores links on the web browser and has a limit to the number of pages that can be scanned. This add-on is an improvement of the “Generate Sitemap” tool. It has the following benefits over the default tool:
  • Unlimited pages in sitemap
  • Option to choose between “Quick” mode and “Full” mode.
  • Improved crawling and indexing
  • Nicer, cleaner interface
  • How it works

    This plugin uses a different, more complex method to handle the sitemap generation process. The user’s browser and the web server work together to compile a sitemap. The web server’s memory and load are not negatively impacted, as the tool balances the amount of requests at a time. When all pages are crawled, the user’s browser will upload the complete list of pages to the web server, so that they can be made into a sitemap. This also has no negative impact on the web server’s memory or load.


    This addon will enable the option to choose between Quick mode and Full mode. Here’s the difference:
  • Quick Mode will scan for the first 3 levels of pages only. This is usually good enough to index most websites.
  • Full Mode will scan all levels of pages, and attempt to index everything.
  • Installation

    Installing the addon is simple. There’s an included .pdf and .docx file inside that will provide full instructions (with pictures) on how to install.


  • Functions for SEO Studio 3.0.0+.
  • No special requirements (all SEO Studio requirements remain).
  • Latest Version (July 10, 2014)

    Version 1.2 released. Changes made:
  • Fixed “malfunction” bug
  • Improved crawl speed
  • Added a table that shows a list of urls in queue
  • Recoded the entire crawler
  • Fixed “creating sitemap” when generation isn’t done