Shipping Express Packages / Invoicing System Of Sh

Express Shipping Packages V1.0 is a web-based program in PHP and MYSQL, manage and invoice sending packages, invoice status, advanced reporting, payments to drivers, manifest shipments, money coming in, and general inquiries: (and out of money, consult credit, user queries, clients among other things), this program is customizable to your business, as it minimizes operational loads and helps your business accounting. Additional Express Package V1.0, has two levels of user, administrator and cashier or seller. Additional reports may be obtained by area and you can download the report in Excel / PRINT.


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    Shipping Express Packages from JAOM.

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    Role: username / password

    Role: username / password
  • Administrator: admin / admin
  • Seller – cashier: demo / demo
  • Installation

  • Step 1: Create a database on your server.
  • Step 2: Edit the php file located in the module / folder php_conexion.php
  • Step 3: Place the following information: server name, name of the database, username, password
  • Step 4: Importing samples DATABASE to your server “expresspackage.sql”
  • Step 5: Upload to FTP files to your server, application Package Express v.1.0
  • Step 6: And enjoy this application.
  • Live Demo Video Installation

    Demoinstallation from JAOM on .


  • Uses active record so no SQL Injection..
  • Protects against CSRF attacks and XSS attacks.
  • Encrypted passwords.
  • Feature List

    Administration Records
  • Creates unlimited users as administrator and user
  • The administrator can access and modify all data in the system
  • Admin user can create or modify the cities, content costs, packaging units and the registration of drivers
  • Business Operations
  • The administrator and the user can generate shipments of express packages to destination cities
  • Query or status of bills, you can choose by date range or cities, additional lists pending bills, can eliminate or pay, and generates the report in excel
  • Generates advanced reports of all sales of the cities, this can be done by the user or driver, additional prints the report in excel
  • When you send a vehicle laden packages to the destination cities, the program generates payments to drivers, listing it delivered.
  • Business Operations
  • Most importantly the program is to generate sales reports by user, date range, for cities.
  • Often want to send a packet to a city, but there the ship to another city where the car does not cover the route, the program generates fresh, re expeditions to other cities
  • User consulting available in the system PACKAGE EXPRESS
  • Company Information
  • Administrator configures the important information of the company, and while the information updated if changes occurring
  • The administrator or user can change passwords for access to the program