Responsive AJAX Contact Form + Node.js Mail Server

Looking for Contact Form for your website which supports different devices? Responsive AJAX Contact Form uses latest trends in web development to provide best user experience for your customers. The Form validate, process and send the completed form to your e-mail address without page reload. It allows you to easily add standalone or pop-up like contact form to any of your existing HTML or PHP page.

Main features:

  • Easy to customize and integrate with your live project
  • Implemented as a jQuery plugin
  • Based on CSS3 Transitions
  • Client IP address detection
  • jQuery 1.7 – jQuery 2.x Supported
  • Fully Responsive (Mobile friendly)
  • Works great across all major browsers: Chrome, FF, IE8+, Safari, Opera
  • Lightweight, extremely fast Node.js mail server included!
  • Gmail and SMTP mail services supported
  • Social networks support
  • Anti-Spam protection
  • AJAX communication with server
  • Advanced JavaScript validation
  • Server-side validation to prevent XSS attacks
  • Customization features:

  • 2 possible modes: Standalone and Pop-up
  • 5 languages supported: English, German, Russian, French, Turkish
  • 7 color themes + your own!
  • 2 background colors
  • custom dynamic form fields support
  • LESS files included for your own easy customization
  • Updates:

  • 26/03/2014 – 1.3 Simplified customization, added more examples, updated documentation.
  • 22/03/2014 – 1.2 Added form HTML template customization, form action customization
  • 19/03/2014 – 1.1 Added IP address detection.
  • 17/03/2014 – 1.0 Released.