QR Code Scanner and Generator

The script let you read or scan QR code through Webcams or Mobile devices cameras. You can also upload QR code image and get the QR result. The script can generate QR codes like plain texts, URLs, Address, Phone numbers etc. It also have the download option of the gererated code. For older browsers that does not support HTML5, the script has Fallback version of Flash that reads the QR codes from Webcams.

Scan QR Code with Webcam and Mobile cameras

This script let you read QR codes from any camera source like Webcams, Mobile Phone Cameras etc. and gives you the result on the fly. You do not need any kind of software or app to scan QR codes. It just runs on the browser.

Scan QR code by uploading QR image

If you have any QR code image, you can also scan it by uploading the image. Just drag and drop the image on the browser and this script will read the QR code image and show you the result.

Generate QR Codes in seconds

You can also generate QR codes for any text, URL/Links, Telephone, Address etc. with the script. Just type the text and you will see the QR code. You can also download the Genarated QR code with the script.