Prestashop Module :: Vertical Megamenu

Prestashop Module :: Vertical Megamenu - Updated Version 0.2 : uploaded on 15th June 2014 Compatible with Prestashop 1.6+ also works on Prestashop 1.5+ Menu generates from prestashop category structure, no custom HTML or text needs to be entered. Please check the live demo if it is working properly on demo which is a default installation of prestashop1.6, so this module will by default work properly on your prestashop 1.6. I offer free installation, if you have any issues in installation, For prestashop 1.5+ and for your custom theme, if small customization require, i will offer that service free. Menu is Hooked to “DisplayTop” and “DisplayTopColumn” : in homepage menu display on left side of the homeslider, in inner pages menu is slide up and on mouse over menu slide down. menu width and height can be adjusted as per your requirement as below rowItems: ‘5’, // number of columns in flyout menu
speed: ‘fast’,
effect: ‘slide’,
direction: ‘right’,
menubg: ‘1’, // 1 = if you want to show background images on flyout menu, 0 if you don’t want background image
menufixwidth: ‘900’, // flyout menu width
menufixheight: ‘360’ // flyout menu height
Flyout panel start at top as show on demo also there are two updated files attached in zipfile for showing small banners on right side of the slider menu, readme file attached in download for complete installation and customization instruction Screenshot