Plug-n-Play Backend

Plug-n-Play Backend (PnPBE) facilitates Single Sign-On (SSO) & Federated Identity. Users can login to your central system via PnPBE’s extensible API.
Attributes such as badges & avatars can be linked to user accounts, enabling Federated Identity across all your web properties.
The application also supports custom plugins that allow developers to extend the core functionality & modify the user interface.
API Test Console:
API Documentation:
  • An Extensible API
  • Multi-lingual UI (Easily translate the software to any target language)
  • Upload Badge Images or use HTML for Badges
  • Grant Badges
  • Revoke Badges
  • Admin Interface
  • Usergroups
  • Usergroup Permissions
  • Badge Management
  • User Management
  • Usergroup Management
  • Permission Management
  • 54 Themes (jQuery UI)
  • Using the API, this software can be used as a central authentication system for all your sites. Simply authenticate users via an API call & handle the response on your target site