Multiscreen Slideshow

Showcase your responsive designs in a great way using this slider, enable and disable the devices you want to show and position them in the way you like!

Key features

  • Multiple screens slideshow
  • Enable/disable the devices you want
  • Position them the way you like
  • Lots of different animations that can be set per device
  • Lots of different easings that can be set per device
  • Set the animation speed and delay per device to create unique animations
  • Pagination, previous/next navigation and play/stop controls
  • Responsive
  • Works on all modern devices and in all modern browsers
  • Screenshots provided by

  • User: elemis Theme: Frost
  • User: myTheme Theme: Meek
  • User: themetica Theme: Blogoma
  • User: vergatheme Theme: More
  • Updates

  • 09/07/14 – added a example code field to the preview