Lockdown PRO

The Lockdown PRO system is designed to easily allow you to secure a particular page by forcing the user to login. The system is built with Bootstrap 3, which means the design is responsive, perfect for any device. This system is highly secure and uses a variety of measures to ensure that only those who are allowed access, gain access. The Lockdown PRO system features a responsive administrative panel where the administrator can modify a list of users who are allowed to access the system. The administrator can also change their details from the admin panel too. For those who are developers, the system is predominantly Object Oriented PHP and the classes are well documented and are based on different algorithms to ensure that they can be easily used and expanded upon. Locked Down Page: http://lockdown.george-hanson.co.uk/dummy.php
Admin Panel: http://lockdown.george-hanson.co.uk/lockdown-admin.php Admin Details:
Username: administrator
Password: password Standard user details:
Username: user
Password: password