Juassi-Blog v.2.0

Juassi-Blog Article Publishing Script is exactly what you need for your publishing website or blog. Extremely easy to use, flexible and full featured article script which helps you to create articles directories or personal blogs. Easy to navigate and intuitive admin panel makes it pleasure to manage your content. SEO system allows to optimize every piece of content on your blog. Ability to accept live author articles, rate articles, assign featured articles, write comments and many more useful features. Do not seek any more. Buy Juassi-Blog Article Publishing Script right now!. STABLE, SECURE, FLEXIBLE PHP SOFTWARE. You can see some sites made with juassi v.2.0-blog here:
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username: admin, password: admin. INTUITIVELY CLEAR CMS Juassi-Blog v.2.0 is a stand-alone PHP content management system that is very easy to use. We pay great attention to make our software as easy as possible. You don’t need to be a web programming guru to use our php software. PACKED WITH FEATURES Juassi-Blog v.2.0 comes with a ton of great features including full source editing, per-page permissions, user activity monitoring, and much more. Plus we are always adding new features to make your Juassi-Blog powered website even better. DESIGN SITES YOUR WAY Build your websites with the custom templates and unique look. Juassi-Blog uses a php “custom” standard – template engine. It’s easy and fast and separates the software PHP brain logic and presentation. TONS OF PLUGINS Juassi-Blog is a scalable software that has a modular structure. The basic core has a minimum set of functionality needed to operate a basic website that can be turned into a powerful portal by means of plugins and premium packages. FULL SOURCE EDITING We do not encrypt Juassi-Blog in any way. All our products are open source and you can make any changes in the code. You can hire our team to make modifications for you or find any 3rd party developer to take care of your requests. SECURITY FEATURES Juassi-Blog provides role-based, object-level authorization for users and groups. This ensure you can lock down permissions and access rights to your data. We feature inherited authorities, container propagation and multiple domains of users, groups and memberships. LEGENDARY SUPPORT Juassi-Blog is brought to you by the Juassi Studios team. Any reported issue is resolved within the shortest possible terms and providing the best support is the top goal for us. Want to know more about Juassi-Blog and get useful ideas how you can use it on your websites? Please check http://www.juassic.org/juassi_blog2. You can find answers to all your questions. Custom themes are possible with extended license. You can see some of the themes developed by Juassi Studios in the next items: