IsDownOrNot? Website Down or Not?

IsDownOrNot? Website Down or Not?” monitors the status of your favorite web sites and checks whether they are down or not.
Check a website status easily by using the above test tool. Just enter the url and a fresh site status test will be performed on the domain name in real time using our online website checker tool.
- Checking process via Curl
- Recent searches on homepage
- Responsive Design
- No database is required
- Response time in seconds
- Contact page for visitors to contact you easily
- Fully SEO optimized tags
- Real time data of a domain
- [Added v1.1] Attractive new theme
- [Added v1.1] Admin Panel
- [Added v1.1] One-Click Ads integration
- [Added v1.1] Website screen preview
- [Added v1.1] Custom page support
- Apache webserver.
- PHP 5.3 (or higher)
- PHP CURL function enabled.
Admin panel demo
Admin username:
Admin password: password
Note: Some feature are disabled for security reasons. Also site hosted on shared hosting. so don’t expect faster load.
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Customer Feedback:
Version 1.1 (27/6/2014)
- Added: Attractive new theme.
- Added: Admin Panel.
- Added: One-Click Ads integration.
- Added: Website screen preview.
- Added: Custom page support.
- Code cleanup & minor bug fixes.
Version 1.0
- initial release