Inventory Manager v1.1

Inventory Manager v1.0

Inventory Manager helps you and your team to keep track of every server, desktop and laptop in your environment. Provide information such as Brand, Model, Serial, Owner, OS, Purchased date, Warranty End date, IP-addresses and much more to have full control over your hardware and static IP-addresses. This PHP- and MySQL based script will truly help to keep things organized! Features: - Keep track of every server, desktop and laptop. - Have full control over static ip-addresses to prevent collision. - Add and keep objects up to date with multiple values. - Know when your servers, desktops och laptops are purchased and when warranty ends. - Admin page to manage settings like allow public users to add/change/remove objects This package contains: - php files for the acctual system - mysql file for table creation - This README.txt file Installation: 1. Use the install_sqltables.sql to populate the tables on your MySQL server 2. Edit connect.php and specify your servername, username, password and database. 3. Upload everything except the README.TXT and the sql file to your webserver 4. Adminpassword = Password123 !!! Remember to change the Admin password. !!! ChangeLog: v1.0 (July 11 , 2014) - Finalized the script for version 1.0 - Cleaned up the code