Instant Tube

Instant Tube is a real-time search engine built on top of the YouTube API. As each letter of the search phrase is typed in, the application goes out to YouTube API and tries to find matches for the search term, bringing stunning experience for users.
Related videos of searched term are treated as a playlist, so once playback of video is done application automatically switches to second best matched video.
Application gracefully supports the HTML5 History to smoothly navigate users to different pages and at the same time provide SEO friendly URLs.
  • Apache or Nginx Webserver
  • PHP 5.3+
  • Youtube API key
  • Features
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Full javascript based video search on Youtube API
  • PHP youtube API integration
  • HTML 5 History API Integration
  • Mobile first, Responsive Design
  • Custom Social buttons integration
  • Autoplay mode for related videos
  • No Database is required