Gold Slider - Responsive, Multiple Level Slider

Gold Slider is a jQuery plugin showcasing 4 posts at a time in the form of a sliding area. The plugin has the possibility to append more than 4 posts as multiples of 3. The slider accommodates the latest 4/7/10/13/17 posts, all at once. One slide features a primary post, full-page width and three secondary ones, all four having full title and excerpt. The user is able to add an unlimited number of slides, each of them accommodating 4/7/10/13/17 (or more) posts. Other options include the autoplay frequency (or lack of it – manual advance) and the width of the slider. It will automatically align in the center of its container. The width field allows for pixel values for fixed width, and percentage for responsive layouts. The slider shrinks up to 20% in order to accommodate any mobile device, and by using background images (CSS:cover), each slide shows the most of its containing image. The slider allows for customization of colours (titles, text, border and background), border type (for secondary posts) and sliding/easing mode. The border has the default CSS types, solid, dotted and dashed. As a personal preference, I think solid looks the best. The easing modes are described as used in the plugin, for example easeOutQuint uses an easing motion only when the current slide exits. “Quint” is the mathematical algorithm used by the motion. Just try them all and pick the most suitable. Check the WordPress version here –