gAnalytics Automated Reports in mail

Generate Automated Google Analytics Reports and receive it directly into a mail !

Features :
  • Reports with :
  • top 10 : Country, Mobile Device,Source, Social Network Referrals & Activities, Page
  • top Visits / hour
  • key user metrics : Visits, Visitors, Bounce Rate, Page views, Pages/visit…
  • and much more…
  • Set the report frequency : daily, weekly or monthly
  • No need to open an attachment file
  • Unlimited domain tracking
  • Watch in 1 minute useful key indicators
  • Unlimited Domain tracking
  • The script include a comprehensive guide
  • Set a cron job to get the report whenever you want
  • No database needed

  • *Requirement : Google Analytics account, PHP with mail(), Cron job (if needed). Use GAPI class
    How it works?
    Only 2 steps :
    Step 1: Enter all the information to create the configuration file (see the live demo)
    Step 2: Create the report using the main file, or use a crontab to generate the report repeatedly (eg hourly, daily or weekly)
    New version 1.1 : Generate the configuration file via a webpage (see the demo)