Complete Windows 8 Web Set

The Complete Windows 8 Web Set is a series of web elements styled to look and function like features found throughout the Windows 8 operating system. The features included in the set are:
  • Lock screen with date and time
  • Login screen
  • Draggable tile/grid start menu
  • Dropdown navigation bar with icons
  • Slide-out sidebar menu
  • Horizontal Scroll Bar
  • Lock Screen

    The lock screen consists of a date and time stamp and a picture/pattern. When the user clicks anywhere on the screen, the lock screen slides up and off screen revealing the login screen.

    Login Screen

    After the lock screen slides up and out, the login screen is revealed. The login screen is composed of the profile icon, the users name and email, and the password input field.

    Grid Start Menu

    Similar to the start menu featured in the Windows 8 operating system, the Grid Menu is a tiled, draggable menu. The tiles come in three different sizes and can be dragged and arranged on the front-end by a user.

    Navigation Bar

    The navigation bar is a dropdown navigation menu. Three icons are included: add, dropdown, and more. These are the three standard icons used.

    Side Menu

    The side menu is the menu that slides out of the right hand side of the screen when triggered by hovering over a specific area.

    Horizontal Scroll Bar

    To help make the look of all of the features seem more like Windows 8, styling for a browser scroll bar is included.