Buy Sell Fanpages, Facebook Market

Try demo without Codecanyon frame.

If you can’t sign in via Facebook, please test demo without Codecanyon frame.
Feel free to test it! Lastest version v1.2.5 - form payment changes (2014/08/05)

How it working?

Buy Sell Fanpages (BSF) is a unique market to Buying and Selling Facebook Fanpages. Users by BSF script can buy and sell Facebook Fanpages. Seller (the owner of the Fanpage) can add to market his Fanpages automatically from Facebook. Buyers can buy available Fanpages directly from Sellers.

How to earn?

Cost added fanpage to market is default $1 (for added) + $0.01 (every 1000 fans). For example, the seller adding a fanpage liked by 11,000 fans and cost is $1 (for added) + 11 * $0.01 (for fans) = $1.11.
The fanpage is added to the system indefinitely and the seller can pause and resume sale. Payments are carried out automatically via PayPal. Owner BSF earns full commission on the added fanpages.

What modules contains a BSF script?

  • Sign in by Facebook Account (integration with newest facebook API v2.0). BEST
  • Marketplace to Buying and Selling Fanpages.
  • Search engine.
  • PayPal integration BEST
  • Module sell. Automatically downloaded data of fanpage from Facebook! BEST
  • CSS3 Animation NEW
  • Admin panel to moderating BSF.
  • stats section
  • fanpages to approve section
  • not paid fanpages section
  • Many more minor features…
  • Access to the admin panel

    After logged you have automatically access to the admin panel.

    Change log

    * v1.2.5 - form payment changes * v1.2.4 - sell module changes * v1.2.1 - htaccess fix * v1.2 - animation changes * v1.1 - welcome page * v1.0 - release version